Video Production

The Cost (and the Worth)

So you want a video made... you have an idea of what you want, but you want to know what it is going to cost? Naturally this will be one of your first questions, but before you look at the cost, consider how much the video is worth.

If the video is to advertise a product, how much of that product are you aiming to sell with this video? If it is for a restaurant, how many paying clients would have to see the video and visit the restaurant for the video to be worthwhile. Also perhaps most importantly, how can we at Spice Creative Media ensure that you reach the people you are targeting? 

When you consider these factors, providing your video purpose is straight forward, you will find the worth of your video far outweighs the cost that we charge to make it.

So what does it cost?

Regular Project

Regular projects normally involve around a day or 2 of shooting, plus some advanced editing with titles, effects and multiple drafts.

Example of regular projects:

- 1.5 minute promotional video
- Facebook cover video
- Business or service promotional film
- Recruitment video

This is the most common type of project as a lot of people just want a short, snappy promo video to show off their business.


Large Project

Large projects often involve production of multiple films, a few days filming or perhaps just extra crew members, including advanced editing with titles, effects and multiple drafts.

Example of large projects:

- A series of videos for a product or service
- 2/3 day events
- Multi-camera production
- Videos requiring a 3rd party, for example animation


Ongoing Project

Ongoing projects involve multiple videos, multiple locations, often a crew of 2 or more. These projects will expand for days, weeks or months and will include meetings to talk about the project and the next steps.

Example of ongoing projects:

- An ongoing marketing campaign
- A large event requiring multiple video production crew.
- A company with a variety locations, each requiring a promotional film.
- If you are thinking of getting a set of videos, it may reduce cost to plan them in advance and film them all to avoid splitting them into multiple projects.