Video Production Portfolio

We are pleased to be able to show a variety of videos from different industries. Each video is unique, has it's own target audience and it's own message.

Take a moment to watch some of our video production work to get an idea of what we can do for you, and the quality of work to expect. Remember though, these videos were created to closely match the vision of the client, and the success of the videos is testament to the fact that we succeeded in doing this. So whilst watching these films, think of your idea and how we can help bring it to reality.

*Please note that whilst these videos are on our YouTube channel, this is not where the client has shared them to and therefore the views on the YouTube don't reflect the success or reach of the final video.

**Some videos will show the 'Chris Spice Films' logo - this is our partner company and the name Spice Creative Media went under before rebranding.

Colin Phillips - Magician Showreel

Colin is a corporate and wedding magician based in Hampshire. He approached us without a significant online presence, and so whilst he excelled in his salesmanship, his website and social presence needed work.

So we created him a brand new website, showreel and social media page which we now manage.

Here is the video that sits on the front page of Colin's website!

Oxford Street Loves...

The Marketing Collective, who manage Oxford Street Southampton's online presence, approached me to create a series of videos promoting a week of events at Oxford Street.

Each day had a different theme and needed a video that promoted that theme.

Here is the series of videos that we created for them.

Oxford Street Loves...

Love Your Pub

Love Your Pub wanted a video to show potential clients exactly what they do, and have current clients give a few words to prove that their service works.

Along with the clients speaking, the MD of Love Your Pub, Dave, spoke about his company - this combination makes the video more personal and addressing the audience directly with an interview to camera keeps them engaged.

This 2nd video for Love Your Pub was associated with their small rebrand, which was to include a pub loving pug as the mascot.

We sourced the pug, assisted in writing the script and filmed and edited a piece that was charming, whilst giving the Love Your Pub audience something entertaining to watch and informing them about the new brand change!


Hardy Salon is a salon in Portsmouth that is all about the full 'salon experience'.

The aim of this video was to project to clients that Rachel, the owner of HardySalon, mentors the hairdressers to become great in their own right.


Brakspear is one of our top clients as we do work for them on a weekly basis.

We work closely with the marketing team to create videos for each of the Brakspear owned venues in our own unique style. The team give us complete creative freedom as long as we incorporate the key areas of each venue, and I think this is reflected in the quality of the work produced.

Executives Online

Executives Online are a Winchester based executive recruitment company.

The first project we worked on for them was ironically a recruitment video for the company itself. They wanted video with the employees talking about what it is like to work at EO, and I suggested this 'on the couch' style to the video, to relax people who hadn't necessarily been on camera before, and create a conversation which made everything flow much more naturally.

Ideal Collection

Ideal Collection is a Hampshire based chain of quality restaurants. They have also been a regular client of ours and we have done at least one film at every one of their venues.

Again, the marketing team here have let us know exactly what they want but let us have creative control, and these were the results!

Some of these date back 2 or 3 years but still hold quality today.

Wessex Cancer Trust

It was really a pleasure to help this charity raise awareness of not only the charity itself, but this annual golf event that is held to raise money for the cause.

We are proud to say we are continuing to work with this client. 

Razors Edge

Razors Edge wanted a short promotional film to play on the side of a digital advertising van during a freshers event.

It was never intended to have music, and the aim was to catch peoples attention and alert the audience to the brand as soon as they saw the film.