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i Work for businesses, events, musicians, personal trainers and more!


An often overlooked part of the film making process, it is incredibly important that we talk about your idea, your brief, your message, and come up with a video idea that's going to work for your business and for your audience.

In my experience, sometimes you might have an idea of what you want BEFORE you contact me, and that is okay too, but it's still essential to talk about that idea and get a plan in place so we can film and edit based on our plan which always yields better results than winging it!

Otherwise, I'm more than happy to help you form an idea that will work for you.


On the day of shooting, I'll use the equipment I've picked for the day to capture high quality video and sound. Although things can always change on the shoot, I'll always try to stick to the plan whilst coming up with new creative ideas and checking with you if it's going in the right direction.

The shoot is always the fun bit as it allows us all to be creative and enjoy the process, and it's also a good time to get some snaps to post on your social media to give your audience a taste of what's to come.


During the editing process, you leave it to me to put everything together according to the plan and what you want to achieve. I pick the music, create the titles and effects and handle any advanced editing.

Once I've come up with a draft that I think you'll like, you can have a watch and feedback with any changes you'd like, and we will keep going until we reach the perfect video.

Meanwhile, I will give my opinions on the current edits and what we can do to improve it too.

Then you'll have your final product, ready to post wherever you like and start gaining customers!